Frequently Answered Questions

General Question's

Our medical transcription rates are calculated per line as opposed to per minute. Our line rates range from 12 to 16 cents. All other transcriptions (legal, general, business, and education) start at a very low price of .99/minute. Please contact us to begin your free trial today.

Our highly trained staff have been trained in medical and legal terminology. This is why we serve all medical & health, legal & insurance and education and business fields of audio.

Yes. You can request any style, format, font or design of typing that you need. Our professionals will work with you to deliver you exactly the transcript you require.

We can automatically edit out words like “um” and “uh” at your request or if you would like a verbatim transcript just let us know when uploading your documents and we will type all filler words.

Yes, we have start of the art audio manipulation software which allow us to break, slow, and edit audio making transcribing of multiple speakers more effective for our trained staff.

Etranscriptions has there own file transfer protocol system which is very easy to set up or we can work within your current dictation system. Our IT team can create a link to pair us into your systems. We completely cater to our clients requests.

We have a professional local staff in Toronto who work various shifts throughout the week. This is why we are able to provide all our clients with 24 hour turnaround time at no extra cost. Please click here to get started today!

Our staff consists of professional typists who have come from a background in the medical, legal and business fields. We are a local company who have been the leaders when it comes to transcription in Canada.

Our process consists of audio manipulation, transcribing, and quality control. Having a 3 step process along with multiple users over looking your files allows us to prove 99% accuracy on all transcriptions.

Our team is always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement before beginning work on your transcription. You can send us your preferred NDA or we can provide our standard form. We use a secure SSL server for uploading and downloading files which is encrypted by passwords. All our process is PHIPA compliant and we have a comprehensive audit trail with strict authentication protocols. All data is secure and maintained at a centralized location and not at an individual work station.

Our professional will transcribe your file in Microsoft Word and then upload it to our secure server for you to download. On completion of the transcript, our team will send you a confirmation email letting you know your work is ready. We can also send PDF on request. Conversely, we can also upload documents into your server or cloud network or simply send you attachments of completed work.

Etranscription offers a toll free 1-800 number which allows you to dial in and dictate at anytime. You can pause, rewind, and fast forward from anywhere in North America. We are also proudly offering a FREE smart phone app (encrypted to comply with PHIPA guidelines) for users to dictate on their iPhone and Android smart phones. You can also dictate on the traditional recorders or computer microphones. Though we recommend recordings in mp3 format, we accept all audio and video formats including: dss, ds2, mp3, wav, mov, mp4, mp4a (iphone recording), mpeg4, ra, wma, CD, DVD or any other.

We accept cheques, all major credit cards and PayPal.