What is transcription?

Transcription is defined as the process of turning speech into text. But that doesn’t really describe what a transcription can provide for a business. As experts, we know that transcription is much more than just turning speech into text. It can create a literal version of events with a higher attention to detail, or it can trim out the fat and get to the heart of what’s being said. When you hire Etranscription services, transcription means getting exactly what you need from the speech you have.

Context and Meaning

It’s sometimes not enough to document only the words of a recording. Pauses, throat clearing, hesitations and other non-verbal utterances can alter the meaning of the words in subtle, but meaningful ways. A great deal of humour and emotive language can be easily misrepresented if only the words are conveyed.

Full transcription can reveal the true intent of the speaker, their motivations, drives, desires or emotional state in a much more thorough manner than a literal word for word translation can provide.

Cleaning up the Text

Sometimes you need less rather than more. Constant pauses, “erms”, “ahs” and clearing of throats and other distractions can actually get in the way of what’s being said and provide a barrier to communication.

In these situations, you’ll want someone to simplify the speech down into something usable. Some interviewers prefer to keep in the filler words, such as “like” and “um”, while some prefer all of it to go and just keep the core message. If it makes sense to do so, some interviewers slightly re-word phrases to make them clearer, too.

Listening to a person speak, you often won’t notice the pauses and stumbles, but they become much more obvious once written down. On a page, these pauses take up unnecessary space and make the text difficult to read. This is why many people prefer us to take out the extraneous detail when transcribing speech.

Etranscription Services offer transcription services that cater to your exact requirements. Whether you want every little detail or a more cleaned up version of the speech.

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Posted date: 2018-01-16 12:07:11