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We offer specialized and general transcription services in the medical, legal,
business, education, and sports related industries. We also offer Medical Billing services, please click below for more information.


Doctor & Hospital transcriptions, medical reports, office notes, patient information, operative reports, radiology reports, lab reports & many more.


Hearings, file preparations, depositions, verbatim transcription, wire taps, court recordings, & many more.


Panel discussions and conferences, lectures and seminars, case studies and research notes, sermons, interviews, & many more.


Webinars, conference calls, podcasts, press conferences, events, finance hearings, & many more.


There are so many good reasons to choose us!


Offering same-day 24 turnaround time
service on all transcriptions.


All of our experienced transcribers sign
non-disclosure agreements and we ensure
your data is safely stored and transferred
through the use of a SSL Bit security server.


Our professionals have transcribed
hundreds of thousands of audio/video
hours since 2004.


Our medical clients save money by paying
per line instead of per minute, this
allows them to only pay for the work
required Our general transcription rates start
at just .99 cents per minute!


Our transcription and quality control
process has allowed us to provide 99%
accuracy on all transcripts for over 12 years.


Our secure file transfer systems only take a
few minutes to set up and are extremely user
friendly! to set up.


To better serve our customers, we offer a
24/7 1-800 number where clients can simply
call in and start dictating. Likewise, we
also offer a FREE smart phone app which
allows you to dictate with ease on your
iPhone or Android phones!


No hidden fees, no contracts, and no
obligations. Use us when you need us and
only pay for what is typed!


Straightforward Pricing With No Hidden Fees

Being in full compliance with the billing standard set by ASMART we can assure maximum transparency.

We offer our clients competitive rates with no hidden fees that can be tracked from the convenience of their account.

We only charge for actual character keyed. For example: X $ per line (Billed at the end of each month) Each line consists of 65 characters.

Numbers of lines are calculated by taking the total transcribed letters and keystrokes divided by 65. (i.e., 2000 keystrokes /65 characters = 30.76 lines)


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2018-01-16 17:07:11 Farah Mirza

Transcription is defined as the process of turning speech into text. But that doesn’t really describe what a transcription can provide for a business. As experts, we know that transcription is much more than just turning speech into text.

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Why transcription for health care is a must!
2018-01-16 17:06:03 Farah Mirza

One of the most important roles involved in healthcare is the documentation of patient files, and outsourcing it to transcription services is one of the most important decisions a medical facility can make.

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Why speech recognition software is not ideal for transcription!
2018-01-16 17:05:14 Farah Mirza

As much as technology has evolved in the last few years, and even with the advancements in speech recognition software, transcription services still require human review and intervention to assure close to 100% accuracy.

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